4th April 2017

In the framework of the TCCM project (ITN-EJD-TCCM), Ewa Szlapa and Jelle Vekeman, two doctoral students from the project currently doing their research stay at AlyaTech, visited several industrial plants of Carburos Metálicos in Tarragona, Spain. They were accompanied by Dr. Lourdes F. Vega (CEO AlyaTech) and Mr. José Luis Méndez (Chief of Operations Carburos Metálicos, Air Products group). The purpose of the visit, organized by AlyaTech as part of the training of the students, was to show them, first-hand, where the catalytic materials they are modeling are used in practice, at industrial scale, and what are the main requirements for them.

IMG 20170404 110507


Ewa and Jelle were introduced to the large-scale processes for production of gases:

  • The HYCO plant: producing high purity hydrogen and carbon dioxide from natural gas source. Most of the produced hydrogen is used in the refinery while the CO2 is captured, separated and prepared for different industrial applications.
  • Air Separation Plant: it produces nitrogen, oxygen and argon from air by cryogenic distillation, all of them used in different applications.
  • Production of nitrous oxide, which is used in hospitals for anesthesia.

IMG 20170404 130551

After the visit to the different plants we shared a lunch with the Carburos team, where Ewa and Jelle raised further questions and had the opportunity to learn from AlyaTech and Carburos, the industrial needs of adsorbent and calatytic materials.

In summary, the trip was very enlightening and practical. We thank the team at Carburos Metálicos, José Luis Méndez (Chief of Operations), Victor Cano (HyCO & CO2 Plant Manager) and Juan Ramon Feced (El Morell Plant Director) for sharing their experience and for the time they devoted to the visit.

IMG 20170404 165450

3rd April 2017

Ewa Szlapa, was born in Opole, Poland. She was awarded an engineer degree in materials engineering at Wroclaw University of Technology. She pursued her master in a framework of European Erasmus Mundus Program Monabiphot (Molecular nano- and bio-photonics for telecommunications and biotechnologies) studying in France, Spain, Poland and Taiwan. Right now, she is working on her PhD, within the ITN-EJD-TCCM project, on Organometallic Catalysis. She applies computational chemistry methods to investigate kinetics and selectivity of chemical processes. In AlyaTech she will spend 3 months developing her skills on molecular dynamics simulations.

Welcome Ewa!


20170406 121739

 25th  November 2016

JellemesaJelle Vekeman, was born and raised in a small village just outside Ghent, Belgium. He obtained a bachelor and master in general chemistry at Ghent University. During his master, he specialized in theoretical chemistry in the field of conceptual DFT. The work was written during a 10 month Erasmus stay in the University of Girona (Spain), under supervision of dr. Eduard Matito, prof dr. Miquel Solá and prof dr. Patrick Bultinck.

Jelle is doing his PhD within the ITN-EJD-TCCM project, in co-tutelle with the universities of Valencia and Perugia, where he is working on the adsorption and separation of gases on graphene. Within the framework of this project, Jelle will perform a 10 month secondment at AlyaTech.

 Welcome Jelle!


21st February 2017


Laura Dorado  was born and raised in Cáceres, Extremadura, Spain.

She obtained the Business Administration and Management degree at the University of Salamanca, and is currently pursuing a Master's Degree in Marketing at the Autonomous University of Barcelona.

Laura is doing her internship at AlyaTech for 4 months in the Marketing area.

Welcome Laura!


20thOctober 2016

European Commission proposed first research partnership of its kind in the Mediterranean Area to develop much-needed novel solutions for sustainable water management and food production.

Today the Commission has presented a proposal for a Partnership for Research and Innovation in the Mediterranean Area -PRIMA. The first partnership of its kind in the Mediterranean basin aims to develop much-needednovel solutions for sustainable water management and food production.

More info:European Commission - Press release Commission proposes first research partnership in the Mediterranean to increase food and water sustainability

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