Dr. Lourdes F. Vega

 President and CEO

 lvega (at) alyatech.com




She holds a PhD in Physics from the University of Seville, Spain, in collaboration with the Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Southern California, USA. She has developed her career between academia and industry, with academic positions in the USA, Spain and the UAE, and, in the industrial sector as the MATGAS General Director, R&D Director of Carburos Metalicos, Technology Manager of Air Products and Chemicals, member of the Board of Directors of Ercros S.A. and co-Founder of Alya Technology & Innovation, S.L. She is internationally recognized for her work on CO2 capture and utilization, adsorption, catalysis and molecular modeling, receiving several international awards for her contributions in these areas.




 Dr. Patricia Ruiz 

General Director

pruiz (at) alyatech.com




She holds a PhD in Chemistry, receiving the Extraordinary Award of Chemistry PhD program, year 2010/11. She is expert in nanotechnology applications for sensors and new ad-hoc materials for desired applications, with experience in CO2 utilization and hydrogen applications and safety. She has also more than 6+ years experience in Project Management in European, Spanish and Catalan projects, including the coordination of public-private consortia for R&D. Co-Founder of Alya Technology & Innovation S.L.




Jordi Torné

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

jtorne (at) alyatech.com




Master in Computer Engineering from Cornell University (USA). He has extensive experience in telecommunications and commercial product development, having led teams of computer technicians and dozens of projects in computing and new technologies for national and international companies. Founding member of Alya Technology & Innovation S.L.



 Jordi Serratacó

Financial and Supplier Manager

jserrataco (at) alyatech.com



Professionally trained in electricity and electronics. Technical manager of an SME in the industrial sector and with experience in the technical management of newly created SMEs. Founding member of Alya Technology & Innovation S.L.




Ewa Szlapa

Research Assistant

eszlapa (at) alyatech.com




She holds a degree in materials engineering at Wroclaw University of Technology.

Currently, she works in AlyaTech on her PhD project in Organometallic Catalysis within the TCCM project, where she develops her skills in molecular dynamics simulations applied to industrial problems.




Jelle Vekeman

Research Assistant

jvekeman (at) alyatech.com




He holds a degree in Chemical Sciences from de University of Gante (Belgium). He is currently pursuing a PhD in theoretical chemistry and computational modelling in the framework of the European project TCCM, of which AlyaTech is an industrial partner. In AlyaTech investigates the adsorption of gases on graphene.




Laura Dorado

Marketing Consultant

ldorado (at) alyatech.com




She holds a degree in Business Administration and Management from the Univesity of Salamanca. In 2017 she graduated from the Master's degree in Marketing af the Autonomous University of Barcelona, thanks to which he did his internships at AlyaTech. Currently, she is a collaborator of the marketing department, in charge of social networks and management of the website.



Anna Torné

Marketing Consultant

atorne (at) alyatech.com


Senior Student of Design at the School of Industrial Design (ESDI), University Ramon Llull (Barcelona). Collaborates with AlyaTech in the marketing area.



Dr. Daniel Bahamon

Research Collaborator

dbahamon (at) alyatech.com




He collaborates with AlyaTech on R&D&i issues, CO2 capture and water treatment.




Dr. Fèlix Llovell

Research Collaborator

fllovell (at) alyatech.com 




He collaborates with AlyaTech in the development and application of new benign solvents with de environment.

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