AlyaTech is member of the EXIL project (COST ACTION CM1206)



15th January 2016

AlyaTech is member of the EXIL project (COST ACTION CM1206)

The objective of this Action is to coordinate European research activities and knowledge exchange on ionic liquids (ILs) and to explore their full potential in the context of fundamental and applied chemistry, materials science and engineering. It provides a coordinated forum for an efficient intra- and interdisciplinary knowledge and expertise exchange, networking and dissemination of information and results, training and initiating collaborations, harmonizing research activities, establishing an open public database and supplying the scientific community with systematic high quality information on ILs and their applications.

The Action aims to combat misinformation as well as contradicting data and reports. EXIL will facilitate technology transfer from university to industry, enhance the supply routes of trained researchers from universities to industry, and structure the European science base. Transferring ILs from the laboratory workbench to true beneficial applications is the long-term goal of EXIL - the European exchange network on ILs. Overall, this will lead to an improvement of everyday life through new and improved technologies and materials, not to mention cleaner and safer production techniques.

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AlyaTech participates is an Associate Partner at the ITN-EJD TCCM EU project


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2nd February 2016

Alya Technology & Innovation SL is an Associate Member of the ITN-EJD TCCM EU funded project

Maintaining the European leadership in theoretical modelling requires the training of new experts who can develop and use computational techniques in a rapidly growing field, going beyond the traditional electronic structure studies and classical simulation methods.

The Joint Doctorate Programme in Theoretical Chemistry and Computational Modelling (TCCM) project is an Initial Training Network Marie Skłodowska-Curie Action led by the Autonomous University of Madrid. The Consortium, comprised of 12 European Universities and 14 associated partners (including 9 private companies), is fully engaged in creating a new generation of experts in modeling to meet industrial needs in this evolving area. Fitfteen PhD students are trained within this Consortium, including secondments with the industrial partners.

The participation of AlyaTech in the project fits into the objectives of the project, as well as in our goal of meeting industrial needs by R&D and innovation. We will contribute to define, design and simulate some of the new materials to be studied in the project, focused on their final specific applications.


mol sim materials


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