30th November 2015

IREC, XaRMAE and XRQTC organize an one-day conference on technologies for converting CO2 into different products. Both, theoretical and experimental approaches will be presented by experts in the field. The conference is going to be held at IREC's headquarter (C/ Jardí de les Dones de Negre, 1, second Floor, Barcelona). Date: December 17th, 2015. Registrations are open.

See more information at:

CO2 capture and utilization - workshop in Barcelona

dani jovencito2

 30th November 2015


AlyaTech is proud to anounce that the engineer Daniel Bahamón is presenting the public defense of his PhD thesis on Tuesday, December 15th at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, Department of Chemical Engineering, at 12:30pm.

 tesis dani

The PhD thesis, entitled "New Generation Adsorbents for Gas Separation: from Modeling to Industrial Applications" has been developed at the Doctorate Program on Environmental Science and Technology, Autonomous University of Barcelona, under the direction of Dr. Lourdes F. Vega.

This Thesis highlights the use of molecular simulation techniques for optimizing environmental related processes, with special focus on CO2 capture and separation in the presence of impurities, although an application to removal of emergent contaminants in water is also presented.

The thesis provides new procedures to assess the use of these materials from their fundamental knowledge until their applications at industrial conditions.


Recent related publication:

D. Bahamon, L. F. Vega, "Systematic evaluation of materials for post-combustion CO2 capture in a Temperature Swing Adsorption process", Chemical Engineering Journal 284, 438-447 (2016).





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